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From song demos to full-blown album projects, I can help you achieve your vision for your music!  My goal is to match your sound with the right players, singers, and arrangements to really make your songs shine!  

Reach out via the contact form below and let's start a conversation about how I can help your music come to life!


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God's Big Story was a project for the children's ministry of Blythefield Hills Baptist Church.  I helped write the music, did all of the arrangements and produced the backing tracks in my home studio, engineered the vocals, and mixed and mastered the project.

For Today and Second Chances were produced for my talented friend Olivia Farrell, a singer-songwriter based in Branson, Missouri.  I did the arranging, produced the backing tracks with the help of some great session players from West Michigan, Nashville, and the Detroit area, and traveled to Branson to track the vocals.  I then did the mix and had a friend (Daniel Spangler) handle mastering duties.

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