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I have written music for a wide range of styles and genres over the past twenty years.  Some highlights of my professional composing work include:

  • Original music for several episodes of Down Gilead Lane (nationally syndicated children's radio drama produced by Keys for Kids Ministries)

  • Two original full-length musicals, and Lost in the City, performed by Blythefield Hills Baptist church in 2001 and 2005

  • Original music for television and online commercials for clients including Smiths Industries Aerospace, Zondervan / Family Christian Stores, and IBA Health Insurance

  • Theme music for four read-along books - The King's Daughter, Saying Farewell, The Prize Cake, and The Red Boat, narrated by Uncle Charlie Vermeer and published by CBH Ministries in 2010

  • Messes to Miracles, a full length worship CD featuring eleven original songs, released in 2017

  • God's Big Story, a six-minute children's song published by Blythefield Kids Music, released in 2018

Classical works include:

  • For the Sake of Your Name, a major work for chorus, orchestra, and baritone soloist

  • For Piano and Four Winds (recording below)

  • Ritual Dance for piano and clarinet 

  • There and Back Again: an Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien (electronic composition, recording below)

  • Sonata for String Quartet, Oboe, and Clarinet

I am actively seeking opportunities to write for film, video, orchestra, or contemporary church / worship settings.  Please reach out to me to start a conversation about how you can get some great original music composed for your project!

Sample Recordings

For Piano and Four Winds - Forrest Wakeman / Western Michigan University Graduate Woodwind Ensemble
There and Back Again - an Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien - Forrest Wakeman
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